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Camp Meeting Anthem Choir and Orchestra 

The Camp Meeting Anthem Choir and Orchestra is back for the Arizona Camp Meeting 2022. We invite you to join us on Sabbath, June 18 to sing or play with us. If you wish to play in the orchestra, reading music is required. However, anyone can join the choir.  We have provided a way for you to practice the music online. With a broadband internet connection, you can view the choral score and listen to each voice section's practice track. With this online practice resource, you will learn your part more quickly and be ready for rehearsals with the choir. Sign up today to join the choir!  

Link for website: https://www.gschoir.org/camp-meeting-anthem-choir.html

Spanish Camp Meeting
June 6 - 11

7 de marzo


English Camp Meeting
June 14 - 18  

Opens March 14 @ 10 AM

Request RV/Camping Site:

Click the link below to go to the Ultracamp site to request a reservation for an RV or Tent Site


For Cabin Reservation: 

Call Sandra Leski at the Arizona Conference Office at (480) 991-6777 ext. 147

Please do not make any cabin reservations online before calling. 


Orador para la Noche: Pr. Carlos Martín
Devocionales: Pr. Rudy Salazar
Seminarios de Salud Física y Mental:

Dr. Andres Ramírez
Seminarios de Salud Emocional:

Dra. Blanca Guerra
Salud y Clases de Cocina:

Dra. Terecita Castro


Evening Meeting:  Gary & Lee Venden

Morning Devotional:  Paul Blake

Health Seminar:  Dr. Ugonna Woods

Religious Liberty Seminar:  Alan J. Reinach, Esq.

Weekday Meeting Musician:  Marilynn Venden

Weekend Meeting Musician:  Tim Parton