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Good News TV will be livestreaming on the Good News website every program that takes place on the main stage in the pavilion. In addition, Good News TV will be broadcasting on their channel the Friday evening meetings, all day Sabbath and each evening meeting throughout the week.

Campestre Hispano
19-24 de Junio del 2023

Orador:  Pr. Felix Harid Cortez

Devocionales : Pr. Elden Ramirez

Oración Orador: Pr. Saúl Pérez Baro


Música Especial:  Grupo Angel de Colombia

Camp Meeting
June 9 - 17, 2023

“Strong and Courageous”

First Weekend (June 9-11)

Speaker • Dick Duerksen

Musician • Jennifer LaMountain


Second Weekend (16-17)

Speaker • Minervino Labrador

Musician • Charles Haugabrooks

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