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Hiring Process 

& Forms


Hiring Process

Application Process

The local hiring entity will:

  • review the job description (which is approved by the local board). 

  • post the position, 

  • check references of applicant,

  • interview candidates,

  • take an action to recommend the applicant to be hired,

  • forward references and application of recommended applicant to the Arizona Conference HR department.

Reference Checking – Local Board or Committee will talk with at least 3 individuals who know the candidate either personally or professionally. When candidate is hired, local entity will forward reference check forms to Arizona Conference HR for the employee’s file.

Board Recommendation – The entity Board or Committee should take an action recommending that the applicant be hired. This action should include the rate of pay, hours to be worked per week, and the date employment begins.

New Hire Documents

Post-Offer, Pre-Hire

All employed Conference, Church and School staff who will be working with children, such as in the children’s divisions, pathfinders, kids’ activities, etc., must have training and a background screening through Adventist Screening Verification. This training and screen must be completed prior to the individual starting work.

NOTE:  For Treasurer positions, the screening will include a credit check.


New Hire Paperwork

Within 24 hours of the individual accepting an offer of employment and/or completing the background screening, the following documents must be faxed, e-mailed or delivered to the Arizona Conference HR department:


Along with the documents from above, the following documents need to be submitted to the Arizona Conference Corporation Human Resources Department:

  • – Statement of Acceptance

  • - Completed Application Form                             

  • - Copy of Resume and references

  • - Copy of signed Job Description

*About the Form I-9:

The purpose of the Form I-9 is to verify a person’s identity and their eligibility to work in the United States.

NOTE: Federal statute mandates that the Form I-9 must be presented to the Department of Homeland Security within 3 days of the start of employment.

  • Section 1  – to be completed by the employee no later than the 1st day of employment. (A translator may assist and notate assistance).


  • Section 2 – to be completed by the pastor, treasurer, principal, office manager, or HR representative no later than the third day after employment begins. If this doesn’t happen the employee may not work.

    • To complete Section 2 the pastor, treasurer, principal, office manager, or HR representative must examine (in person) and make copies of the appropriate original, un-expired work authorization documents.

      • The list of appropriate documents is found on Page 3 of the Form I-9

The Form I-9 and appropriate documents are sent to the AZC Human Resources office immediately.


​** A bank deposit form needs to be submitted along with the Authorization for Automatic Deposits Form

For those who would like an introduction to the North American Division history, mission, structure, and values click on the link below to go to the Adventist Learning Community for self-paced courses on those topics.


On-Going Employment

Any time changes occur in the employee’s employment status; rate of pay, hours worked, title, termination, a Personnel Action Request form should be completed and forwarded to the AZC Human Resources Department indicating effective date of status change and pertinent details.

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