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General Information

Welcome to the Conference Clerk Department. The Conference Clerk manages the membership and church records for the Arizona Conference, as well as provides training and leadership for local church clerks. Statistical data and membership records are updated and maintained for all churches, companies, and groups within the Arizona Conference Corporation.


Our goal is to help local church clerks work as effectively as possible in order to maintain accurate records for their churches. Church clerks may access their church membership records using the eAdventist website. Along with other church officers, the church clerk is a ministering servant of God. The Lord in his mercy continues to bless our Arizona churches with faithful and dedicated volunteers.

Smart Phone Call

Please contact your local church clerk to make any changes to your name or address, free Adventist magazine subscriptions, or membership transfer.

Clerk Forms

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eAdventist Authorization form

Addition to Membership form

Resources for Church Clerk

Church Attendance Report

Church Attendance Schedule 2024

Church Manual

Requests for Church Membership Transfer form

Church Officer List

Rosemary Abrahams Ext.151

Rosemary Abrahams joined the Arizona Conference as Conference Clerk, in charge of Membership and Statistics, in October of 2014. She graduated from Andrews University with a Bachelor of Architecture. Rosemary worked for the Chandler Unified School District as a Library Media Specialist for 6 years before receiving a special call to work in ministry. She and her husband Scoble live in Chandler, AZ.

They have two grown children: Sebastian and Rhiannon.

If you are unable to reach your local church clerk, please feel free to contact me for membership assistance

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