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Morning and Afternoon Speakers

9:30 AM Health Seminar - "Back to the Basics"

Ugonna Woods, MD

Maryvale Ped. Clinical Lead
Mountain Park Health Center

Monday, June 10:  "Back to the Basics"

Tuesday, June 11:  "Heal Me, Foods that Heal"

Wednesday, June 12:  "Practical Living"

Thursday, June 13:  "Feeding your Brain, Improving your Mental Health"

Friday, June 14:  "Medical Missionary Training"

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11 Am Stewardship Seminar - "Live Abundantly"

Ben Maxson

Andrews University Theological Seminary

Sunday, June 9:  "It isn't Fire Insurance"

Monday, June 10:  "It Really is True"

Tuesday, June 11: "His Kingdom Come"

Wednesday, June 12: "It's Just Stuff"

Thursday, June 13:  "Reflecting God"

Friday, June 14:  "Celebrate Life"


4 PM Family Life Seminar - "Claim Your Children Back"

Grant Agadjanian

Creative Media Ministries

Sunday, June 9:  "Your Sins are Forgiven You"

Monday, June 10:  "Lost in His Own House"

Tuesday, June 11: "The Power of the Cross"

Wednesday, June 12: "What Moves Jesus to Go With You"

Thursday, June 13:  "Claim Your Children Back, Part 1"

Friday, June 14:  "Claim Your Children Back, Part 2"

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