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6:45 AM Morning Manna Speakers

Ray Navarro

Sabbath, June 8

"God is Spelled G-O-O-D"

Navarro, Ray.JPG

Don Bishop

Sunday, June 9

"A Trip Down Memory Lane"

Bishop, Don.JPG

Monday, June 10

Rocky Gale

"I am Just a Voice"

Russell Lewars

Tuesday, June 11

"The Point of the Past"

Lewars, Russell

Melanie Cruz

Wednesday, June 12

"Roots - in Jesus"

Cruz, Melanie

Dayv Lounsbury

Thursday, June 13

"The Cross, the Cross, the Cross"

Lounsbury, David.png

Mike Stevenson

Friday, June 14

"He is our Redeemer"

Stevenson, Mike.JPG

Ed Keyes

Sabbath, June 15

"Blessed Hope"

Ed Keyes.JPG
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