The Arizona Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists ®
13405 N. Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, Arizona  85254
Phone:  480-991-6777 / Fax:  480-991-4833

   The Arizona Conference office building was designed by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and opened September 25, 1983.  The Foundation's approach to design is that the elements of nature must proceed together with an understanding of the nature of work, people who will use the building, the climate, materials, and technology.  Always present is the interplay between the beauty of the building and the uses for which the facility is built.  The architect's intent was to make practical things beautiful and beautiful things practical.

   In the design of both outer and inner space, a constant endeavor was made to find and express the interrelations between these various elements -- walls, ceilings, window and door openings, the nature of the work, all aspects of function and form, an appropriate budget, and materials of construction.  Here, functional and material beauty have been created without great expense. 

   The building is in the form of a cross.  In the center of the cross is a vaulted-ceiling atrium.  The atrium serves as a reception area and allows space for a skylight and open cental core, around which the offices face.  Materials of construction were selected to reflect Southwestern heritage.  A structural keynote is energy conservation, obtained by utilization of earth berming, extensive roof overhang and heavy insulation.  The roof is covered with 40,000 Monier tile.  Desert landscaping is used to conserve water. 


Ed Keyes                  Jorge A. Ramirez Reggie Leach
President Executive Secretary Treasurer