Trust Services and Stewardship


Right at the onset we want to praise the Lord for the blessings He has showered down on the Arizona Conference family in these past four years. We are currently living in a time of one of the largest “wealth transfer” events ever witnessed (parents, grandparents and others passing their wealth on to their children, loved ones and favorite charities). Here in the Arizona Conference we are witnessing a renewed desire on the part of our people to respond to God’s call to make provisions for the final proclamation of the Everlasting Gospel to planet earth.

Mission of the Trust Services/Stewardship Ministries:  Our primary mission is to assist every church member and family to be faithful stewards in all aspects of the Christian walk, including that vital step of stewardship—setting up an estate plan (preparation of a basic Will or Family Trust). Preparing an estate plan provides the legal documents that transfer our assets at our passing to our spouse, children, grandchildren, and loved ones. Estate plans also provide us with the marvelous opportunity to leave gifts of love to the Lord to be used for the proclamation of the Everlasting Gospel here in Arizona and around the world.

Goals and Achievements:  During the past four years over 145 estate plans have been written. The majority of these estate plans have included provisions for special gifts that will bless local churches, schools, worthy student funds, Arizona evangelism, and capital expansion—building new churches and schools here in Arizona. Below is a brief report of the estate plans written in the past four-year period and our goals for the next four years: 

<!--[endif]-->Strategies:  Our primary strategy is to make the preparation of a basic Will or Trust as simple as possible—and at no cost to our church members. Additional strategies include:


1.         Ongoing Cycle of Life Seminars held fall, winter and spring in our large churches.

2.         Sabbath preaching appointments in our churches throughout the Conference.

3.         A website with basic estate planning information/materials to assist our members.

4.         Preparation of printed materials that take the mystery and fear out of estate planning.

5.         Making our Trust Services Ministry available to our people during camp meeting.

Estate Plan Maturities:  These “gifts of love,” unless specified for special projects like Arizona Conference evangelism or Thunderbird Academy, etc., have been used to assist with the building of new churches and schools throughout the Arizona Conference.

In the past four years over a dozen Arizona Conference entities, including churches, schools, Arizona Conference evangelism, Holbrook Indian School and Thunderbird Adventist Academy have benefited from the legacies of love left to the Lord’s work. Below is a list of those churches, schools and special projects that have benefited significantly from estate plan maturities during this past quadrennium:


1.         Adobe Adventist Christian School

2.         Apache Junction Church

3.         Arizona Conference Evangelism

4.         Holbrook Adventist Indian School

5.         Mesa Palms Church

6.         Peoria–Sun Cities Church

7.         Phoenix Beacon Light Church

8.         Phoenix Central Church

9.         Safford Adventist Christian School

10.       Saguaro Hills Adventist Christian School

11.       Thunderbird Adventist Academy Worthy Student Fund

12.       Tucson Spanish Church

Special Appreciation:  First, I want to express special appreciation to our Arizona Conference administrative team and the Executive Committee for the tremendous support they have given to us in the Trust Services/Stewardship Departments. Secondly, I would like to express my special appreciation to our Trust Services/Stewardship secretary, Betty Alvarez, for her tireless ministry to our people. Additionally, I would like to express my appreciation to our pastors and church leaders for partnering with us in this marvelous ministry. Finally, we praise the Lord for those trust officers and staff who have served in this capacity over the past several decades. Estate plans established during their years of service are now blessing the work of the Lord here in Arizona, throughout the North American Division and around the world. Maranatha!


    Ed Eisele, Director