Ministerial and Evangelism



Since April 2004 there have been 11 continuing education events for pastors, some in which   local elders were invited to participate. During these events our conference administrators and departmental directors have shared reports and vital information. Guest speakers have included Mark Finley, Shawn Boonstra, Bob Folkenberg, Bob Folkenberg Jr., Bill Knott, Ron Halvorsen, Richard Halversen, Richard Davidson, Ganoune Diop, Harvey and Kathy Corwin, Lyle Albrecht, Tom Mostert, David Johns, Bill McClendon, Dan Bentzinger and many others. In 2007 our pastors were invited to participate in the North American Division Ministerial meetings in Tucson and the Pacific Union meetings in Ontario, California.



In the last three years it has been my privilege to coordinate the greatest evangelistic thrust in Arizona Conference history, as well as experience its greatest growth. Over 2,500 precious souls have been added to God’s Kingdom through baptism. One of the primary reasons for this phenomenal growth is public evangelism. Evangelists like Richard Halversen, Lyle Albrecht, Dan Bentzinger and others have ministered mightily to our Conference.  But we were especially blessed when the world church “Net 2006” event, featuring speaker Shawn Boonstra, was up linked around the world from Phoenix, Arizona.



The Ministerial Secretary serves as the pastor to conference pastoral personnel and coordinates the work of the Ministerial Department staff. He provides spiritual growth and continuing education opportunities for ministerial personnel. He assists the President and Personnel Subcommittee, in conjunction with the Hispanic Coordinator, in personnel placement and in resolving conflicts should such arise between pastoral personnel and local churches. He also serves as the Conference Evangelism Coordinator and Church
Planting Director.


·         Serves on the following committees and boards:

      Pastoral Advisory and Evangelism Committee (chair), Divorce and Remarriage Subcommittee, and Personnel Subcommittee

·         Serves as a member of ADCOM (Conference Administrative Committee)

·         Invitee to the Executive Committee


·         Coordinates interviews/employment/supervision/evaluation of all pastoral personnel.

·         Coordinates, working closely with the President and other departmental leaders, all pastors’ meetings, conventions and continuing education opportunities/events.

·         Coordinates training for unordained pastors. (Includes bimonthly training meetings.)

·         Administers the Ministerial Department budget.

·         Assists churches in scheduling speakers when necessary.

·         Visits pastors.

·         Encourages church growth and strategic church planting.


·         Facilitates the selection of all evangelism personnel invited to the Conference.

·         Administers evangelism budget (in conjunction with the Evangelism Committee).

·         Establishes the conference evangelism schedule.

·         Conducts one evangelistic series per year in the Conference.

·         Provides evangelism training opportunities for pastors.


·         Be a pastor’s pastor, friend and resource person.

·         Schedule for our pastors opportunities/events that provide training on how to conduct evangelistic meetings.

·         Stimulate the creative talents of our local pastors and their churches in the development of new evangelistic approaches that reach specifically targeted population groups.

·         Conduct an annual retreat for all ministers who are working for the Arizona Conference and their families.

·         Continue scheduling annual pastoral and personnel reviews conducted by the Conference administration, Ministerial Secretary and Hispanic Coordinator, concentrating on the strategic plans of each district.


·         Continue to support and promote church planting, including the planting of two churches each year.

·         Support the trend of seeing more baptisms each year than in the previous year by asking every church to hold at least one or two evangelistic programs yearly.

·         Plan camp meeting seminars that focus on evangelism/outreach, empowering our  lay leaders to reach their potential for engaging in local church outreach programs.

·         Continue to promote and encourage a high level of support for evangelism.<!--[endif]-->

·         Conduct two evangelistic boot camps yearly, for both lay people and pastors, teaching them how to conduct an evangelistic series.


    Ed Keyes, Ministerial Secretary/Evangelism Coordinator

Vice President for Administration