A dynamic, personable speaker, Lyle Albrecht has degrees in communications, history and theology. He has studied Bible prophecy extensively, especially focusing on Daniel and Revelation. Lyle has visited 55 countries, most recently returning from a tour of the Middle East where he observed firsthand the explosive situation tive situation there.

1 Our Day in Bible Prophecy Audio Travelogue Video
2 The Middle East in Bible Prophecy Audio  Travelogue Video 
3 Revelation's Most Outstanding Man! Audio  Travelogue Video
4 The Origin of Crime and Evil! Audio  Travelogue Video
5 Our Fragile World Economy! Audio  Travelogue Video
6 Invasion From Outer Space! Audio  Travelogue Video
7 The Coming One World Government! Audio  Travelogue Video
8 The Four Horsemen of Revelation! Audio  Travelogue Video
9 How to be Victorious Christian Audio  Travelogue Video
10 Mutiny on the Bounty! Audio  Travelogue Video
11 The Day Men Forgot! Audio  Travelogue Video 
12 The Truth I Learned at the Leaning Tower of Pisa! Audio  Travelogue Video
13 The Prophecy That Failed! Audio   Travelogue Video 
14 Prophets and Visions of the End Time! Audio  Travelogue Video  
15 The Occult Explosion - Spiritism Exposed! Audio  Travelogue Video 
16 The Mark of the Beast!  Travelogue  
17 The Mystery of Babylon Travelogue   

Revelation's Millennial Reign

Audio Travelogue  Video  
19 My Conversion Story Audio  Travelogue  Video  
20 The Glory of the Cross Audio  Travelogue  Video  
21 The Message of Methuselah!     Video  


                    Special Services                                                                                                                    

1 Question and Answer Period   Video
2 Queston and Answer Period Audio Video
3 Sabbath Service 2/3/07 Audio Video
4  Question and Answer Period Audio Video
5  Sabbath Service 2/10/08 Audio Video