Creating an awareness of the need for funds within the Arizona Conference requires thought and creativity. Since so many of our media ministries communicate regularly with constituents, it is necessary to be cutting-edge and professional with materials that are used to ask for special gifts for the Arizona Conference.

The Arizona Tax Credit program provides opportunity for members and non-members to donate funds used to help send children to Seventh-day Adventist schools. The state of Arizona matches dollar-for-dollar tax credit for these contributions, up to $1,000 for married couples filing jointly, and $500 for single participants. Early each year a colorful, easy-to-understand brochure is produced and distributed in both English and Spanish to explain the Arizona Tax Credit program. Students and parents are invited to distribute this brochure to friends and family, and invite them to participate in this opportunity. Annually, Arizona Conference of Seventh-day Adventist schools receive more than $400,000 in donated funds.

The Development Department works actively with the Project “4 in 24” committee to produce bulletin inserts explaining how members can donate to this philanthropic program that benefits the Arizona Conference in the following ways:

·         Land Acquisition. Land is to be purchased for new churches in areas where there are large populations and great growth potential

·         Church and Education Facilities Expansion/Endowment. Funds are given for improvements to our schools and churches.

·         Evangelistic Outreach Expansion/Growth. Donations support church growth, church planting, and evangelism in Arizona.

An annual winter camp meeting is held in the Yuma, Arizona area with special guest speakers and musicians. This one-day event raises funds for Arizona evangelism. 

A Bible-lands tour is being planned for September, 2008 for Arizona members. This tour will focus on the “Journeys of the Apostle Paul” and will take participants to many of the seven churches. Scheduled stops include Athens, Ephesus, Patmos and other historic sites.  The tour will be highly spiritual in nature and a wonderful learning experience for those taking part. Special tour guides who will explain Bible history in a clear, interesting way have already been chosen, to assure that this tour will be a special and memorable experience. Every two years tours are being planned for Arizona members who have an interest in traveling abroad to Bible lands.



   Phillip L. Draper, Director