Communication with the constituents of the Arizona Conference requires feeling the pulse of the Conference—from administration to the local church and school levels—and disseminating information in a timely and interest-awakening way.

The Pacific Union Recorder, news journal of the Pacific Union Conference, offers a monthly magazine format for publishing articles of news, soul-winning, local church and school events, and special features pertaining to both church members and pastors. Every other month a four-page section is devoted to the Arizona Conference, providing an opportunity for us to focus on events within our borders. Articles appearing in the regular sections of the Recorder are available to the entire Pacific Union Conference. 

In addition to regular news and event articles, our department communicates notices of the death of Arizona Conference members in the obituary section of the Recorder.

Our Church Life publication provides a monthly calendar of the special events taking place around the Arizona Conference. Each new edition of Church Life is distributed to local church bulletin secretaries via e-mail and regular mail, and is also published to the website of the Arizona Conference, offering ample opportunity for promoting various meetings and events of interest.

The Arizona Conference website, hosted by TAGnet, has grown to be a highly functional channel of communication and may be viewed at This very sophisticated website offers information to the entire world about the Arizona Conference.  Each department and/or ministry has a separate web page that describes the role of that department and provides photos of the departmental staff.  By clicking on the name of an individual, one can send an e-mail message directly to that staff member. This feature provides our constituents with the opportunity to easily ask for additional information or offer suggestions.

A link is also available for accessing the Adventist Book Center online. There a monthly book-of-the-month is offered at a special price, and online shopping for religious publications, books and Bibles is available.

Our Church Directory feature allows visitors to Arizona to quickly locate the name, address and phone number of the local church they plan to visit. The name and photo of the pastor is displayed with each church.

Media links are also available at our website so that members can view HOPE TV, 3ABN, and LLBN online, as well as access links for listening to 3ABN Radio and LifeTalk Radio.

Arizona Camp Meeting has become very high-tech and now offers streaming video of all presentations—live as the meetings take place and archived for later viewing. People around the world may visit the Arizona Conference website at their convenience, watch sermons and special programming, and hear the inspirational music that was featured during our Anglo and Hispanic camp meetings.

Local churches and schools are encouraged to develop their own websites through TAGnet and many have chosen to do so. Information from the Pacific Union Conference is automatically linked to the Arizona Conference website and to our local church websites simultaneously. In turn, when news or information is transmitted from the Communication Department of the Arizona Conference, it appears immediately on the websites of participating local churches and schools. This technology provides an amazing ability to keep church members informed of current happenings within the Conference.

Hispanic churches are offered their own websites in Spanish and are encouraged to participate in this fantastic outreach medium.

For a sampling of the creativity achieved with some of our local church websites, it is recommended that you visit the following sites:

Design, production, and printing of materials to be used for various Conference events such as our Arizona Camp Meeting, as well as materials for special projects including our Arizona Tax Credit brochure, the President’s Annual Tithe Report, and other various flyers and church bulletin inserts are produced within the Communication Department.


 Phillip L. Draper, Director