ACS Disaster Response



  • The AZ-VOAD (Arizona Voluntary Agencies Active in Disasters) is one of the best organized and most active of all state VOADS in the nation.
  • The April 2007 meeting of AZ-VOAD was held at the Arizona Conference office.
  • The larger programs that AZ-VOAD and ACS-Disaster Response have been involved in include the Katrina/Rita disasters, and fire and flooding disasters in areas of Arizona.
  • A disaster preparation manual taken from the website, part of the Department of Homeland Security, is available to each family.


ACS Disaster Response is our agency to assist individuals, families and communities victimized by natural and unforeseen disasters. This team is comprised of members and friends of the Seventh-day Adventist Church who have been trained through multi-level classes and who are certified to participate in local and national disasters.

In 2006, fifty-five church members in the Arizona Conference began their training by attending training programs in Phoenix and Tucson. This training is vital to being able to understand our role, which has been designated by FEMA. In 2007, secondary training was offered on September 8 and 9. The special areas that our team members are being trained for are:
  • Emergency distribution of relief supplies
  • Warehouse operations
  • Donations coordination centers
  • Community collection centers
  • Crisis response counseling

In response to the August 2005 Katrina/Rita hurricanes along the Gulf Coast, hundreds of Arizona Conference church members participated in the collection of supplies to help the survivors and those who were resettled in Arizona. The South Mountain Church became the hub for these activities—the central location where new beds, bedding, and bathing supplies were stored and from there distributed. More than fifty families relocating to our state received new beds and linens delivered directly to their apartments or homes. The remainder of these supplies were shipped to an ACS-managed FEMA warehouse in Texas
for distribution.



Bob Parrish, Director